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We Provide Solutions for Bookkeeping, Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation, Business Projects, and Office Organization Needs

Grow, sustain, improve your business with the time you’ll save
Individual and Business Tax Preparation/e-Filing for Federal and State returns
Get a business or personal project up and moving

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We work with clients across multiple industries, creating solutions that fit the individual needs of each business, assisting them to run their business more effectively.

The cost savings of freeing up the owner’s time from daily bookkeeping or office work directly impacts profitability, sustainability and protects small business profits.

Regular reporting and analysis provides opportunities to see what parts of the business are profitable and what could use a second look.

Our bookkeeping, office management and project experience will provide the time to do what only the business owner can do: grow their business!

Jennings+McGee Associates — Services We Offer

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Credit and Collections
  • Month-end and Year-end Closing
  • Journal Reconciling Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Office Organization
  • Business File System and Naming Convention Implementation
  • Project Analysis
  • Program Analysis
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Individual Tax Preparation
  • Sole Proprietor Tax Preparation
  • Small Business Tax Preparation
  • Sales and Luxury Tax Preparation

If you don’t see a service listed here, please ask us about your specific business or tax need. We offer consultations to tailor a project or program of work to suit your specific requested service needs. We are here to help.

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Hourly Rates


For bookkeeping, accounting and general administrative services

Tax Preparation

  • 1040EZ + state return: $95.00*
  • 1040 + state return with no itemized deductions: $195.00*
  • 1040 + state return with Schedule A (itemized deductions): $255.00*
  • 1040 + state return with Schedules A & C (business income): $455.00*

Contract Work

We can provide flat-rate contracts for your bookkeeping, project or administrative needs. Just ask us!

*Tax Preparation fee schedule applies to returns prepared when all forms and items to file are provided at the time of filing. This applies to current-year, amended and prior-year tax filings.

Please Note: If you need assistance to organize your filing paperwork (forms, P/L statements, YTD expenses and income) for use in tax preparation, we offer this service as well. Please ask for rates on a tax filing package.

About Robin Jennings

Through research, surfing or just plain good luck, you’ve reached the web-based offices of Jennings-McGee Associates. This is Robin Jennings, and I am so pleased to meet you! Let’s take a quick tour together.

I am the President and CEO of what I believe is one of the most unique new accounting, tax and business services firms on the web. Why are we unique? Because we offer a full range of services for the individual and business person, not just your accounting needs. You can come in for tax preparation, and then find that you need some cost analysis for your merchandise, or someone to assist you to create a personal budget that actually works for you, or have some questions about creating a new, more efficient file system, or learning how to use the new program you just bought, or need some help with inventory analysis at year end… What you need, we will provide.

When I first thought of opening this business, I entered into an agreement with myself: What I do, what my employees do, will be done to benefit and enrich the lives of those who employ us — no client will ever be treated as just another dollar amount on a journal entry. I will ensure that all the standards that have been so important to me throughout my long career, things like honesty, integrity, accuracy and excellence, will not just be words. They will be how I operate. Period.

So, a bit about me: My qualifications have been hard-won. After college, I started work as an A/P clerk at Prather Methodist Memorial Home way back in 1985. I moved on to contract and permanent positions of greater and greater responsibility (A/P and A/R Supervisor, Accountant, Analyst, Tax Coordinator, Procurement Specialist, etc.) for larger and larger companies and private firms (Lignum 2, Kaiser Permanente Regional-Facility, Design and Construction Dept., Swinerton and Wahlberg Builders, Chevron and more). I began to understand the way businesses worked, how individuals were affected by business entities, and vice-versa. From Full Charge bookkeeping and accounting to cost analysis, from Sales/Use and Luxury taxes to Individual and Small business tax filings, from project management for large and small firms to training companies and their employees to use new systems I created, I have been privileged to work across multiple industries, gaining expertise and understanding along the way.

This is why we met today and why I encourage you to stay and take a few minutes to talk with us during your free discovery consultation. I personally will do my best to ensure that you and your needs will be met at Jennings McGee Assoc.

Can’t wait to talk about how we can help!

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